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Forum Rules

Post by CollyWolf on Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:19 am

I want to keep the forum relatively open to ideas and creativity, but there are a few things that just will not fly. If you have an issue or an edit suggestion, you can message me privately.

1: No pornographic material. That means smut, sexual role-play, out-of-character sexual advances, or anything generally lewd. Romantic interactions between characters are completely okay, but please keep them mostly PG-13 and non-graphic.

2: No racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, xenophobic, or generally discriminatory language or behavior. This will not be up for debate and I will be quick to deal with anyone acting out of line. This is a creative space that is meant to be open to anyone to participate in. Anyone that makes it a less inclusive environment will not be tolerated.

3: Try to keep personal information, views, and beliefs out of the discussion pages. We're here to collaborate on works of fiction and to role-play as people other than ourselves. Do NOT bring politics or religion here and start arguments, no matter how innocent your intent may be.

4: Please don't start fights with other members. We're here to create and I will not tolerate this being a hostile environment because of personal squabbles between members.

5: If you choose to take a very active role in a particular role play or story, please do not just disappear. Real life happens and sometimes you can't commit the time to participating actively in the forum, which is entirely fine. Have the courtesy to let the other people that are working with you know that you won't be around for a bit if possible so they can spend their time elsewhere on the forum until you get back.

6: No godlike player characters. Role playing is not fun when someone creates a character that simply can't be dealt with. Be realistic when creating your characters and give them drawbacks as well as strengths. Role playing is not about "winning" in any capacity.

I might come up with other things as the forum grows and events come up, so this may be updated from time to time. Just try to use common sense and respect the other participants and we shouldn't have too many issues.

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